Health and Human Services

The Health and Human Services Facet is our newest addition to our program facets. For the past six years, our initial partnership with the University of California, Davis related to health disparities, heart health and other high-risk diseases, has evolved into our current Preventing High-Risk Diseases (PHD) Program. The mission of the chapter’s program is to transform lives by reducing high-risk diseases in African American women through education, prevention, lifestyle changes, diet and behavior modification.


Linking to a Healthier Lifestyle.....It Starts with Me.

On June 8, 2013, 23 members of the Sacramento Community will embark on a 90-day pilot project that will encourage and support a healthier way of living and we hope will transition into a long-term lifestyle change. The program will provide expertise to improve health and our encouragement and motivation to transition this knowledge into life-long changes. Participants will train with a Fitness Expert, Cook & Dine with a Dietician and Grocery Shop with knowledgeable mentors. We want to engage participants, through their daily journaling, in dialog and want to foster conversations that will address their challenges. Our aim is to help them realize THEIR goals by providing fitness training, expert advice on healthy eating options and lots of encouragement to motivate them in making good choices. With their courage and commitment, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease will STOP with them and a healthier lifestyle will begin, thus achieving our goal of Preventing High-Risk Diseases.



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