National Trends

National Trends and Services

The major goals are to:

  • Identify those areas where utilization of resources and skills can make a difference.
  • Implement programs that alleviate economic, political, and social problems.
  • Enrich the personal lives of our members as well as that of the community.
  • Heighten awareness of the problems faced by minorities and the underprivileged.

National Trends and Services Projects

  • Linking Healthy Christmas Dinner Groceries to Low Income Needy Families                                          This program recognizes the crisis of hunger and the food-challenges in the low-income communities of Sacramento. We deliver wrapped holiday boxes containing food for a holiday meal and engage in a discussion on healthy eating. Over 60 Christmas boxes for needy families have been prepared over the past three years. Our program educates families on healthy food choices, encourages children to keep active and exercise and highlights the Achievers as role models to inspire the elementary students.
  • Annual Senior Citizen Christmas Luncheon
  • Featured Disney World's head chef, Johnnie Rivers
  • Living Healthy with Diabetes
  • Annual Walk-A-Thon – To promote health and wellness
  • Linking Children to Literacy - Collected and donated 200 books to an elementary school


National Headquarters

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