Letters From Alumni Achievers

We're very proud to play a role in the success of these young men. Here are kind words from a few of our Achievers.

Thanks to the Sacramento Chapter of the Links and the Achievers Program, I was fully prepared to apply for, gain admission to, and perform with excellence at Stanford University. The love and support that I received from the organization provided me with the network of intelligent advisors – and gentle hearts – that I needed to navigate that tumultuous period in my young adult life. The memories that I have of my fellow Achievers as we prepared not just for the Beautillion but for our entry into adulthood are some of my fondest. We are “linked” as Achievers in brotherhood, in the future, and in life.

T. Justin Williams, Achiever Alumnus ‘95

I am happy to have this opportunity to express my gratitude for the Sacrament Links Chapter for their ongoing contributions to youth. As a 93′ Achiever, the interaction with my fellow Achievers was invaluable and connected me to a continuing Brotherhood of past and future Achievers. My experience helped me set a standard of contribution and community involvement to which I still adhere and pay it forward. I would highly recommend the Achiever Program to any young man who has the potential and desire to succeed. The Achiever Program offers the opportunity for young men to grow in a positive environment while learning the professional skills to transition from high school to college with the expectation that ‘success is must’.

Philip Dillingham, Achiever Alumnus ‘93

I entered the Achievers Program 25 years ago with no idea of what the world had for me or what I had for the world. During my time in the program, I was able to meet professionals from all walks of life and have them provide me with advice and guidance as I embarked on my life journey. The friendships that formed in the Achiever Program are still in place to this day. I am so thankful that I was able to participate in the program and truly valued the experience. I remain active in the program as an Achiever Alumnus and support the various activities the program offers. As a father of three sons, I look forward to my boys participating in the program.

Joseph Dillingham III, Achiever Alumnus ‘91

There are very few groups and even fewer programs that are dedicated to instilling a sense of community, duty and maturity in young men about to graduate high school. Sacramento Chapter of the Links Incorporated has made it their mission to seek out young Black men on the cusp of adulthood and provide them with educational, social, and professional tools to ensure their success. As a graduate of the Achiever Program, I can attest to the dedication, determination and effectiveness of this tradition. I have returned to speak with the current year class and regularly attend the Annual Achiever Holiday Mixer to reconnect and catch up with other Alumni. The Links provide services essential to the community and are worthy of enthusiastic support from our region.

William S. Borden III (Tre’), Achiever Alumnus ‘02

Being a member of the inaugural Achievers Program of the Sacramento Chapter of the Links, Inc. was a great experience in my life. Growing up in Davis, there weren’t many people for me to interact with who had shared cultural experiences. Participating in the Achievers Program was one of my first opportunities to be in a program where everyone looked similar to me and had like-minded goals to enrich their community while preparing themselves for a successful career beyond high school. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to network with my peers around the region, learn more about what awaited me in college and have some fun. It’s an adventure I look forward to sharing with my son in a few years when he becomes a high school senior.

Leroy Tripette Jr., Achiever Alumnus ‘89

The Achiever Program was the culmination of my growth into a young man. I was exposed to great leaders in our community. It gave me an idea of the hard work it takes to be successful as a young Black man.

Carl Adonai Mack , Achiever Alumnus ‘89

I think the entire Achiever Program is important because it provides empowerment to young Black men and shows them that they are important. The ceremony represents a passing of the torch from one generation to the next – which was very symbolic for me. It was a great ‘sending-off’ and recognition of all the hard work not only that we put in but the work our parents put into us as well. It was clear that we were expected to be a reflection of all the people who got us there.

Richard Pye III, Achiever Alumnus ‘07
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