Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

We are proud supporters of so many Sacramento High School graduates. Here are kind words from a few of our scholarship recipients.

“I am very grateful to the Sacramento Chapter of Links for making an investment in my education by awarding me a generous scholarship. Your scholarship allowed me to purchase books and supplies for the school year. Thank your for all of your support.”

Zaria Watkins | 2014 Links General Scholarship Recipient

“I am very grateful to the Sacramento The scholarships I received allowed me to forgo student loans my first year. They also allowed me to purchase books, necessary supplies and required programs online as well as contributed to my housing. Had I not received the scholarships provided by the Sacramento Chapter of the Links, Inc. I would have definitely applied for student loans and been forced to obtain a job. My future plan is to enter the banking industry or to pursue a business management career and possibly start my own business.”

Quincy Brown | 2015 Links General, Academic and Ronald McDonald House Matching Scholarship Recipient

“Receiving the Links Scholarship was an essential resource in helping me attend Morehouse College because I only had the financial support of a single parent. I am a sophomore in the Dual Degree Engineering Program with a double major in Mathematics and Mechatronic Engineering. The scholarship process with the Sacramento Links was just as valuable as the scholarship, had I not applied, I would not have been as prepared and disciplined to apply and receive additional scholarship and grants. My future plans include earning a BS in Mathematics from Morehouse and a BS in Mechatronic Engineering from Dartmouth University then go on to receive my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.”

Caleb Christian Davis | 2014 Wesley O. Bell Memorial Scholarship Recipient

“The Sacramento Links scholarship helped me to pursue my goal of attending a four-year university. I am currently studying psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, my first-choice school. While there, I have already begun to learn more about myself through my on-campus experiences and college courses. I look forward to completing my goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree and I am grateful to the Sacramento Links for their financial support, as well as the advice and memories I gained while participating in the Achievers program.”

Isaiah Cooley | 2015 Links Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipient
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